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Who can become a member of NBGSA?

NBGSA membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students, academicians, institutions, corporations and other groups and/or individuals who are interested in supporting students of color in the pursuit of graduate and professional educational excellence. The NBGSA does not discriminate or limit its membership to any individual or group based on race, creed, color, nationality, ability or sexual preference. Eligible persons or organizations seeking membership must accept the terms and conditions of the NBGSA Constitution and Bylaws and pay the membership dues.

The membership cycle is effective from September 1st to August 31st.

What are the benefits to NBGSA Membership?

* Eligibility to present research at NBGSA regional and national conferences.
* Registration for NBGSA elections.
* Eligibility for NBGSA state, regional, and national leadership positions.
* Opportunities for professional development and networking on a national level. 

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