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You are invite to become a member of the NBGSA Council of Deans.

As you know, NBGSA was established to address the needs and concerns of Black graduate and professional students, and to encourage more Black undergraduates to pursue advanced degrees.  NBGSA provides critical resources for enhancing the likelihood of academic and career success and developing a powerful network of emerging Black scholars to diversify the academy and enrich the larger community.

Traditionally, we have been able to look to the Graduate Studies Division or other key areas of the host institution to sponsor a significant portion of our board member travel expenses, regional meetings, or national conference.

We wanted to make sure we reached out to you as we are prepared to step to the forefront of combating the barriers which are preventing the growth and development of Black graduate students.  NBGSA can no longer sit idly by and watch the percentage of Black faculty dwindle to dismal rates.  With your support, we can begin to bring national attention to the need to enhance access to higher education for Black graduate students. 

As a non-profit and completely student-run organization, the greatest potential barrier to NBGSA growth and success, as you might imagine, is limited financial resources.  So, we rely on institutions like yours to invest in diversity by funding our efforts. 

Current Council of Deans members:

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