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As an NBGSA alumnus, your academic expertise is needed to help shape the career of upcoming scholars. You have access to resources from which current graduate students can benefit. By sharing your skills, knowledge, and finances with our organization, we can continue to grow and increase our presence in higher education. We will be contacting you about future initiatives and activities.

Alumni Representatives

There are 10 NBGSA academic divisions:

  1. Business: Accounting, Hospitality/Tourism, Marketing, MBA, and Organizational Behavior
  2. Education: Curriculum Design, Educational Administration, Educational Leadership, Higher Education, Literacy & Reading, and Teaching
  3. Engineering: Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering
  4. Fine Arts: Architecture, Film, Music, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Theatre
  5. Health & Medical: Dentistry; Dietetic, Occupational, Physical, Recreational, Respiratory, and Speech Therapy; Kinesiology; Medicine; Nursing; Public Health; and Veterinary Science
  6. Humanities: English, Foreign Languages, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion
  7. Law
  8. Science: Biology, Chemistry, and Animal Science
  9. Social Science: Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology
  10. Other

Current Alumni Representatives:

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