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I hope this greeting finds you well or better! Before getting into my vision and leadership plan for the organization, I’d like tell you a little about myself. I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a minor in Africana Studies. I then graduated again in 2014 with my Master of Education in School Counseling. Like many students pursuing higher education, I financed my education with ridiculous amounts of borrowed money! Now my primary goal is to pay off all outstanding debt; The key vehicle I've chosen to do that is entrepreneurship. My other goals include achieving financial freedom, building healthy relationships, creating generational wealth for my family, consistently becoming a better me, and most importantly finding creative ways to do what I enjoy. I believe to be great you must be grateful and that you either win or you learn. I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside my team and look forward to all the fun, achievement, and learning ahead!

 As NBGSA president, I have high expectations for the organization. This year we will primarily focus on finding innovative and effective ways to enhance the academic, personal, professional, and social development of Blacks in higher education. We have an outstanding team of talented Black graduate students who are capable of raising the expectations for this organization as well as Black graduate students worldwide. I'm fortunate and excited to be working with such a team of dedicated and exceptional individuals. Additionally, we plan to make this the best year ever for NBGSA culminating with our most successful conference in recent history! We have a list of goals and action items oriented towards fundraising, leadership development, and enhancing value for our members and stakeholders. Lastly, we want to ensure that our success is sustainable for the foreseeable future. I believe that our future success starts with today's leadership and that everyone possesses the ability to lead. The key to overwhelming results for the 2014-15 year and beyond will be to galvanize our membership at all levels so that everyone has a vested buy-in to the successes and achievements of our organization! We look forward to adding value to your lives over the course of the next year and beyond! Cheers to your inner awesomeness!

John O. Nwosu Jr


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